It may’ve been 3 years or more.  A lot has changed.  I moved from MI to VA.  My father died. I’ve become estranged from most of my family.  What hasn’t changed is who I am as a person and how much I love the written word.  So I’m going back to reviewing books and movies as I work on my own books and enjoy the life God continues to bless


The book (Shades of Blue)  I have on Amazon has been doing fairly well and I am working on finishing Love’s Misconceptions. 

My 12 commandments.

I accomplish most of these on a daily basis, but hope that by writing it down I’ll increase my success.

Every day I’ll


2. Go to bed before 2 a.m. and get up before 10 a.m, whether I have to or not

3.Make my bed

4. Eat 3 to 7 servings of fruits and vegetables

5. Won’t eat or drink anything I don’t really want or need.


7.Drink H2O


9.Be nice to everyone and smile, smile, smile

10,. Tell the people I love that I love them

11. Tidy up every night; and, the really really hard one

12. Worry less


My Happiness Project on being Cheryl, writer not lawyer.

Early today, I was astonished that in January, I had blogged that I would finish 2 books and have an agent by April. Last week, an agent passed on the book I wrote 30 years ago, Loves Misconceptions.  Since January, I have started another book, Not Over You and joined a Writers Workshop.  So while I have been relatively inactive, I have not been a total slug.

When I was young, I went to the book mobile on Mondays during the summer and got seven books, one for each day before it returned.  My mother called me her “hot house plant,” and would occasionally force me outside.  Whereupon, I would drag a lawn chair into the shade and continuing reading.

Later, I wanted to be the first female FBI agent and went to law school in pursuit of that dream.  However, by the time I graduated my eye sight was such that I wasn’t eligible to even apply.  This was before lasic surgery or even contacts.  I have now practiced law for 34 years, something that I have never enjoyed.  Two years into my long career, I took the Myers Briggs aptitude test which revealed I should be a writer or lawyer.  In the early eighties, I wrote two books, a greeting card portfolio and a TV screenplay.  After by son was born I set them aside. When he got older, for six years, I wrote a column and various articles for local publications. I joined a writers group.  A year ago when Matt left, I resurrected the two books which had been written on a Commodore 64 which entailed retyping everything and adding things like cell phones and VCRs into the story lines.  One, Shades of Blue, I e-published on Amazon under the pseudonym Lynn Henry.

I love teaching law and plan on continuing to doing so.  However, as I am helping with college, I need a part time back up to supplement that income.  Recently I was asked why I was applying for law jobs I don’t want.  Good question!  So on that person’s recommendation I read the Happiness Project ironically written by a lawyer who gave it up for writing.  What a revelation!  So now besides writing, reading, teaching, politics and studying blogging, I am starting my own happiness project on being Cheryl!   Yippee

I’ve been a lawyer for 33 years.  I long to be a write.  Though I write daily it is usually problems for class or motions and briefs for my practice.  I recently got a wonderful opportunity to go into private practice,  something I have tried several times and never loved.  Several of my friends can’t understand how I could pass this up but my writing calls me as it has for decades. This time I am going to answer.  (By the way, I have another legal offer in the wings that I am interested in.)  I may not be able to be all things to all people but I can at least try to be true to me.

I plan to: figure out blogging; figure out marketing; finish my books Love’s Misconception and Slipping Through and have an agent by the end of April!



On the 9th, I said I would start tomorrow but I’ve had the typical part time writer’s problem: time.  I didn’t make the time.  There are always other things vying for my attention: the dishes, laundry, friends, tv.  You name it, I can be diverted by it.  Naps for example are wonderfully tempting things. My house is relatively neat and I have clean clothes. Grocery shopping however, is highly overrated.

Though in my defense, I started an article for Chicken Soup for the Soul and final figured out how to get my novel uploaded to Smashwords.  I have put in tons of billable hours.  The problem is of course that books don’t write themselves.  The ones I am working on are rattling around in my head and shouldn’t take that long to put down.  I just have sit down, turn off tv and not fall asleep.  A big just.

Phyllis, my best friend of 35 years, is here from LA.  We are have fun just doing normal things i.e. seeing Puss In Boots, going to bookstores, hanging out in Royal Oak.  All in all, a lovely week.  When I return to blogging tomorrow, this site will be dedicated to writing.  Another blog to life, TV and movies and a third blog to book reviews.